Glad you are here. This site is dedicated to you, the leader, committed to creating an environment in your area of responsibility that will ensure you are a catalyst in the rapidly transforming workplace. The 2020's will be among the most consequential decades in the history-and the future of work. The future of work will be determined by the level of awareness and consciousness in the present. Where we go from here is anyone's guess, but everybody's intention and commitment. If environment and structure drive behavior, what kind of environment are you creating?

Having been a student of organizations for a long time, the time for changing our relationship to what we felt was work, can now evolve to conscious creation. It will take everyone's commitment to creating a workplace that actualizes people into accountability for their own evolution. The employer-employee relationship in its current form has run its course. It is time for leaders to increase the level of individual accountability for personal evolution. For decades we have known we all have to take responsibility for understanding at the end of the day, that we are all self-employed. Call it intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship or any other name, we are in a new reality that requires we all have to take full accountability for becoming the conscious creator we have always known we were.

A leaders overarching responsibility is to continuously expand the capacity of their team or organization. Expanding this capacity is evolving its potential. Embedding profitability into prosperity will ensure sustainability. The health of a team or organization is realized by its ability to heal and return to wholeness. Although Purpose has become the "next big thing", and every consulting firm has jumped on the bandwagon, I can tell you from many decades of experience doing this work, it is not easy. The tip of the iceberg is visible and superficially easy. What's unseen below the surface is not. Taking people from having been educated, conditioned and trained their whole adult life to get, maintain and try to become fulfilled in an externally defined job and now live with Purpose is not always done with great effectiveness. What resides in their Soul does not, without deep reflective work, surface in a job description.

You, as a Transformational Leader, can create an Environment of Co-Creation that can get effective sustainable results from authentic Purpose. The Hybrid workplace future won't be working from home or anywhere as much as Working from Optimal or the required environment for the conscious creator to do their best work through a Purpose of their own conscious choice.

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My Work

All of us feel the post-pandemic chaos and accelerating change going on all around us. This I believe is the beginning of a world in transformation. There are many names for it, most of which you already know. What's most important I feel is the rate of change going on inside of you as a leader that aligns you to the changes going on around you. Leaders are all questioning their relevance and effectiveness in this turmoil. The deep questions are beginning to surface in our awareness.

Can I truly help my team or organization live a life of meaning and purpose and focus on effectiveness and not just productivity? Do I really understand what makes me unique as a leader and how I can get others to appreciate and ultimately compensate me for expressing that uniqueness in my leadership? Can I find a tribe that honors each other's authentic essence and uniqueness in an environment I can co-create?

Personal development is no longer a periodic effort to stay relevant, but a day-to-day commitment to your own evolution as a leader. Leading Self-Leaders is the only path forward to bringing your team or organization into a positive unfolding future. In today's information and expert rich world there is simply no excuse to stay stuck and not move forward. My work focuses on joining you on the journey to creating an environment that takes your leadership to a whole new level.

Terry's Story

Every personal story is one that comes from the perception of the one who has lived it. It doesn't make it always true, it's a perception based on personal beliefs and level of awareness. I do know I had a challenging early life as most of us did. I also know I chose to explore my perception of that early conditioning, wounding and trauma to channel that into empathy and compassion for the human condition. I live as though I chose all of my experiences to grow into who I am today. It's not easy to be a human being, we can all be honest about that. It's a challenge to be in the world but not of it, because you have to be enough in it to evolve through and beyond it. Often our greatest calling can come from our deepest wounding. Mine came from watching my parents struggle with making a living and the shame of not knowing what truly made them unique, and how to use conscious creation to bring that into their life purposefully and with prosperity.

My journey beyond college and degrees (BA in City Planning, Systems Analysis at UCLA) led me through a corporate career in Aerospace. My focus was Industrial and Production Engineering working and leading on large scale programs (New Airplanes, B-1B, X-31, GPS, Space Station) at Boeing and Rockwell International. I understand Leadership and Organizations from the experience, not theoretical side (though I have studied that for many years). I have a passion for Organizational Transformation and Transformational Leadership. We won't evolve much further in the workplace without it. I spent 5 years after my aerospace career working in Real Estate Finance in Beverly Hills. It was an experience that evolved me greatly. My most recent work was with working with leaders in the Nuclear Power industry. In 2000 I attended the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara for my Coaching Certification.

Terry Musch

Our Work

I have been consulting, coaching and guiding professionally since 1997 and informally 10 years before that. I have been engaged in many coaching models and processes and have developed my own model that I feel is highly effective. I focus on what makes you unique, where your personal power as a leader is, what you truly want in your life and tapping into your experience to create a process of emergence for you. This effort focused on realizing your authentic vision and deep fulfillment.

Our work together is a co-creative process. Conscious creation is not a spectator sport. Being on the edge of your potential and evolving your uniqueness in a purposeful and meaningful way is a deeply fulfilling experience, especially as a leader. It takes courage, willingness, and openness. Our work together will be focused on what gives you meaning and purpose in your life, and how to create an environment that meets the present effectively and the future with harmony.

Next Steps

Let's talk. We will only move forward if there is a fit. I define a fit as aligning my competence to your willingness and well-defined needs. My work is sacred to me and I want yours to be to you. We are on this planet to evolve and I take this all quite seriously as I know you will. Leadership is about to become more important than ever. Evolving people will now be a core competency no team or organization cannot be highly effective in.

My fees vary based on your need and scope of work. My individual fees are different than my corporate rates. I work with individual contributors as well as leaders up to C-Level. Duration of engagement depends on you. We constantly review the benefits you are receiving and I am not contract focused as much as results focused. We will create a contract that works for you.