Terry's Story

Terry Musch

My background includes a leadership career in aerospace in production engineering, working in finance in the real estate industry and coaching professionally over the last 20+ years. I was fortunate to entering the business and career coaching profession during its emergence.

My education includes graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in Urban Planning, Systems Analysis curriculum work at UCLA, numerous Coaching Certifications including graduating from the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara. I am a committed lifelong learner and pride myself on being at the front end of emerging trends. I have a passion for the Future of Work, knowing its success will be determined by how conscious we are in the present.

Over the past 20 years, I have developed a deep understanding of the many steps it takes for each individual to walk the path in the work they are called to do; and I have great compassion for those engaged in that process. "In today's volatile economy," he says, "those aspiring to find work that is motivated by passion requires courage - courage to align to their uniqueness, to learn how to go to where they are invited, to be seen for who they really are, to feel a deep sense of belonging." Terry believes that the ability to engage the Self Leadership process and deeply understand one’s value-added to the organization they are engaged with will be a strategic advantage for the future.

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