Terry is, above all, a client-centered company. Just as no two people are alike, there are no two programs alike. Together, we'll customize a program that will work best for your goals, your schedule, your budget. I'll work with you in two primary areas: Consulting and Coaching. Much of the work I do is a blend of those two, a practice called consultative coaching. Our work together ensures that the knowledge I gain becomes the knowing you use to trust yourself, believe in your unique potential, and then let your own intellect and intuition guide you to live in your deepest intention. I call it "standing in your own power." My only goal is to guide you through the process of coming to clarity about how you can prosper in the emergent economy. The variety of ways to work together is limitless. Below are general headings:

Individual Consulting
Inside or outside of an organization, I coach individuals from all walks of life. My focus is on corporate leadership, but I have coached individuals in numerous industries from self-employed to business owners. I work with each client to establish what works best for them in order to elicit profound changes.

Team Consulting
Years of working with teams has taught me that when I work with the uniqueness of each team, I can ensure that relationships among members will bring the best out in each other. Using my unique alignment process, teams are encouraged to center on clarifying expectations and priorities, as well as strengths and non-strengths. This process leads to the establishment of personal accountability for the team's potential.

I co-create with you to ensure outcomes are delivered as defined. My unique style is centered in relevance to where the client wants to ultimately go, and to develop content that is aligned to those outcomes. I do not prescribe to the "mountain top experience" method in which behaviors return to normal when the workshop is over and people go back to their jobs. My objective is always to work with the beliefs that create the behaviors toward positive outcomes. I have always respected the divide between knowledge and knowing, and strive to create workshops that bring about self-understanding.

As I do in the design of my workshops, I provide the expertise and guidance that will bring you to higher levels of understanding and wisdom. In today's connected world, information and knowledge are easy to come by. My goal is to help you transfer that knowledge through experience toward the expansion of competence and self-knowledge. This is your guaranteed return on investment. One of my core offerings is the co-creation process wherein you and I engage in the enjoyable experience of musing, helping you create what you deeply believe in.

Conferences & Retreats
Having helped create content for numerous conferences, I work with you to establish content that truly moves the attendee in an experience that fully integrates the intended subject matter. Today's conference must provide significant ROI, and I work with you to ensure that the outcomes we establish - based on collaboration and clarity of measured results - are built into the design of the conference.

The Central Coast of California is fast becoming a mecca for individuals, corporations, and companies looking to change their approach to work. Whether you are looking for an individual "Radical Sabbatical" or a week-long conference for your team, I invite you to work with me here on the Central Coast.

Personal Development Consulting