Welcome to my website. My work focuses on helping you lead a life of your own conscious design. I have embraced the concept of Self Leadership in creating a personal structure focusing on your uniqueness and passion. I believe Self Leadership, and it’s evolution toward the ability to lead others from the inside out, is the future of fulfilling lifework. I have created an elegantly simple, yet highly effective model I work with entitled the Self Leadership Path. The SL Path focuses on the three areas of Potential, Purpose and Performance.

In over 20 years of coaching I have seen these three area’s emerge over and over as the critical success factors in leading a fulfilling sense of our life’s work. As we are all intimately aware the workplace is changing radically and quickly. I feel strongly that just a good education is no longer a guarantee of success. I believe we will redefine success oriented toward our own self-actualization and continuous personal growth. Organizations today simply don’t have the time and resources to direct employee development at the pace the workplace and world is transforming.

We must as individuals, fully embrace Self Leadership to realize our true potential and sense of purpose. Self Leadership Coaching and Consulting